Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What's It All About? Reading event for Leicestershire schools at the Tigers Ground

Wednesday next week 10.37 Wow, what a week. Didn't say how much I enjoyed the Friday speakers, and had the thrill of hearing John Dougherty's wee song again! He picks up his guitar, he starts what seems to be a soppy love song, the audience of children start wriggling and yawning...then suddenly he is singing about wanting to go to the toilet in the middle of a boring lesson and he has them, totally captured by the naughtiness of singing about wee in front of TEACHERS!! It was such an enjoyable week for us, meeting so many children who love to read and sharing the thrill of meeting top children's authors.

Friday 10.30 No time yesterday to write but what a terrific speaker Andrew Norriss is (author of Ctrl-Z) If you are reading this and fancy a good read and a really good laugh, BUY THIS BOOK!! And now I'm listening to Jo Cotterill (Sweethearts series) and can say the same. Sitting at the foot of giants - not only able to write great children's books but accomplished performers, keeping hundreds of children entertained and involved for over an hour. The secret is humour, gentle, witty, continuous, appealing to all ages.

Wednesday 13.00 Nice lunch! Now getting ready for the next session. Sold loads of Shoo Rayner books this morning - and one school bought 25 of Bali's books. Some very well-behaved children from Parks Primary just filing in. Hope they enjoy this - sure they will! Ian from the Library Service has just done a brilliant warm-up for Bali so it should be a great afternoon.

11.44 Have just sat in on session led by Bali Rai. I do enjoy listening to him talk. He has a great knack of getting close to kids, never patronises them and is SO FUNNY. It was the same with Pete Johnson yesterday. But sold very few books. I suppose in these straitened times, parents have very little cash to give their children to buy books. Off to have some very healthy Tigers' lunch, before gearing up for the afternoon session.


Anonymous said...

Andrew Norriss had a brilliant time too! He came home enthusing about it all and enjoyed meeting you, Lynn, very much. He was impressed by the organisation and dedication of everyone involved, and to see children having such a positive experience gave him a real buzz.
There are resources for all of Andrew's books on my website and you are welcome to use anything that might be useful. I also welcome suggestions for anything else I might provide.
Jane Norriss

Jo Cotterill said...

How lovely! Just found this (sorry, a bit late!) - what lovely compliments, so glad you enjoyed my talk! Thank you very much for such a nice write-up. Jo x